STG Security Mobile Patrol in the Sunshine Coast QLD is a convenient cost effective way to protect your home, business and people. Our licensed, uniformed and highly trained guards will make random patrols of your property whether it's residential or commercial throughout the day and night 7days a week. We can cater for long and short term periods.

Not only does STG Security mobile patrol act as a visual deterrent to perpetrators, our security guards will also perform:

  • Surveillance around the premises so it is secure
  • Staff escorts
  • Alarm responses
  • Building lock up and opening
  • Check for any damages or intrusion
  • Setting and unsetting of alarms

The surrounding areas will also be observed for anything suspicious, giving you peace of mind that you and your assets are protected. We will also report upon the security of your property as required.

When you’re protected by STG Security Mobile Patrolling Services our guards will carry out regular checks at random times so not to become predictable or at specific times if requested such as for lock ups. We understand every client is different so we will work closely with you to ensure your needs are met, so you can rest easily at night knowing our patrolling officers will provide you with a level of cover second to none.

To get a free quote and discuss what would work best for you call us on 0422 287 475 or 

Stg Security Mobile Patrol