Cash in Transit is one of our core service solutions offering you peace of mind and well being.

Depending on your needs, our banking services can be carried out discreetly in plain clothed guards (Covert) or with high visibility (Overt).  Each delivery is completed by an armed security officer to minimise risk to you, staff and your business. Regardless of whether you’re a small business or a large franchise, if you’re accepting cash payments then you need a safe and secure way of getting your money to your nominated bank, while maintaining an effective cash flow.
Here at STG we understand every business is different and we will work closely with you to provide collections or delivery specifically to meet your needs while keeping your cost to a minimum.

Advantages of using our Cash in Transit Services:

  • Eliminate risk and exposure to yourself, staff and to the general public

  • ​​Saving time for staff to concentrate on core business
  • Reduces opportunities for theft or robbery

  • Quick and efficient delivery
  • Enhanced reliability

All cash and valuables are fully insured from the moment of collection until returned securely, reducing your risk of uninsured cash loss. Our licensed and highly trained guards are armed experts in their field and can handle any situation should anything arise.

The Benefits:

  • Transfer of risk from customer to STG Security

  • Indemnify cash/valuables

  • Collection of your cash to a schedule that suits you

  • Delivery of funds to your nominated bank on the same business day

  • Delivery of change orders and floats to your business

  • Reduction in cash held overnight

  • ATM refill
  • Total focus of staff on core business

Contact our Cash in Transit Manager to discuss your needs and what we can offer you to maximise your safety.

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